Healthcare costs continue to rise due to many factors including unhealthy lifestyles. For example, at Integrated Corporate Health, we have worked with large employer groups and seen companies where more than 20% of the employees are at risk for developing diabetes in the next 10 years. To provide perspective, in 1997, the American Diabetes Association reported that the annual healthcare costs of someone with diabetes were more than $11,000 or 2.3 times that of individuals without diabetes.

ICH can help by creating awareness, providing professional health screenings for individuals, and linking participants to doctors and community resources. ICH can provide your company with a risk management program that handles all the details necessary to provide your employees with health awareness and the tools to decrease expenses.

If your company has 500 employees, approximately 100 of your employees are living a lifestyle that is putting them at risk for serious health concerns including developing diabetes.

Can your company afford it? You do the math. Let Integrated Corporate Health do the work. - (800) 451-6889.

Healthy Employees

  • Link employees to community resources and doctors
  • Customized follow-up programs

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  • Rapid screening process
  • Comprehensive test results


  • Cost for screenings
  • Cost for follow-up programs

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